Slow March- Mutual Benefit

Mutual-Benefit 3

Yes I know, only 8 weeks in and I’m covering another Mutual Benefit song! It just so happens that Slow March is an almost perfect companion piece to last week’s Lying to You. So let’s dive right in:

Won’t you say what you mean?
Lately I’ve been staring cross-eyed just to see
What it is that’s in your heart
A place so tucked away it’s hidden from yourself

What does it take to be at peace?
To accept the things that linger out of reach
I wish you’d say what’s on your mind
I feel a slow march towards a dark place all the time

Say what you mean
Is it time to leave?
Say what you mean
Say the thing I can’t

Once again, Mutual Benefit packs a world of meaning into a few simple stanzas. If you read last week’s post, then you have probably already spotted many similarities between the songs. Lying to You presented us with the poignant portrayal of a man who stays with his lover only out of a desperate attempt to escape solitude, and in effect prevents both parties from moving on. Slow March confronts the same problem from the other perspective.

The crowning stanza in my opinion is: “What does it take to be at peace?/ To accept the things that linger out of reach/ I wish you’d say what’s on your mind/ I feel a slow march towards a dark place all the time.” Many of the problems of a failing relationship are encapsulated beautifully in these few lines. Often a person stays in a broken relationship because he has accepted the things that live within reach as unattainable, and has therefore settled for things that are easier but only a pale shadow of the real thing. He thinks- If I leave this relationship, I may never find love again and will live out the rest of my life in solitude. So, in a cruel twist of fate, he clings to the comfort of his current relationship, attempting to manufacture a love that will never come into fruition, all the while neglecting a love that he could have found if he had only moved on. Of course this only gives rise to ever-accumulating bitterness and a profound sadness, as if life is nothing but a slow march toward a dismal fate. We are all the generals of our own lives, yet we so often act as if we are marching soldiers commanded by forces beyond our control.

I said last week that Lying to You could have just as aptly been titled Lying to Myself. When our hearts are “so tucked away they’re hidden from ourselves”, we cannot lead a meaningful existence, only a materialistically fruitful one. We take the backseat in our own lives, going through the motions and simulating happiness to distract ourselves from the reality- we are not happy and we are alone. We relegate our personal responsibilities to others, and beg them to “say the things we can’t”. But when everyone waits for someone else to say the things they can’t, no one ends up saying anything at all.

Check out the song here and don’t forget to comment below!





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